Dear customer.

On this page you have the opportunity to forward your mark(s) of origin electronically to us. The mark(s) of origin may be necessary within the frame of the processing of your order(s). You will be informed accordingly in the order confirmation.

In order to start the process you have to fill out the following fields given below, “Name”, “Email” and “VDE-Orderno.”, you have to accept the owner rights declaration by checking the tick box as well as selecting the graphics or other data file with the search button. You can upload as much as three mark(s) of origin at the same time. To achieve this you just have to click on the “Upload additional mark“ button, select the respective file and then conclude the whole procedure by activating the “Submit” button.

The registration of your mark(s) of origin will be acknowledged with an email from the VDE to the email address inserted into this page. Possible questions will also be addressed to this email address.

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