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Unlawful use of  VDE Certification Marks 

The trustworthiness of a certification mark is crucially linked to the quality and safety of products to which it is affixed. VDE Certification Marks are in high esteem with consumers and signify an important criterion for their buying decision.

For the protection of the general public when handling electrotechnical products, we conduct periodic factory inspections with subsequent verification tests of samples selected from production and / or from the market.

It is our aim to maintain the trustworthiness of the VDE Certification Marks. That is why we consequently prosecute and publish any unlawful use of VDE Certification Marks.

The tables also contain products for which we had to cancel the relevant VDE Marks Approval Certificates due to safety concerns or severe infringements with the VDE Testing and Certification Procedure PM 102.

Close cooperation between customs and VDE for combating couterfeiting of products and VDE Certification Marks [more]


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